Renata Merrill: New Beginnings

Camden FireWorks is proud to present a solo quilt exhibition of Renata Merrill’s work from January 16 to February 19.

Born and raised in the City of Camden, Renata first began quilting ten years ago, under the mentorship of Chrissandra Butler of Lawnside, NJ.

Renata views quilts like the adventure stories found in good books. Her quilted adventures employ non-verbal elements, such as specks of color, geometric shapes, various fabrics, colors, and styles to tell her stories. She desires for everyone to connect with and enjoy the historical narratives and personal stories captured within the art of quilting. Most of all, Renata seeks to evoke feelings of comfort and happiness in those who experience her artwork.

Her process of quilting from the heart is inspired by her experiences of being a mother, wife, and community leader here in her beloved Camden.