Join us Sunday, March 20 for the opening reception to Thom Goertel’s exhibition, Tiempo y Belleza (Time and Beauty).

Featuring women from Cuernavaca Mexico, Goertel captured the portraits through a lens of deep feeling, shot in just five days in 36 sometimes hard-to-find places. As we consider the beauty of their faces and the spaces they make with everyday heroism, let us not fail to ask why their courage, strength and resilience are necessary, why they must be luchadoras in their daily lives.

About the artist

Since high school, Thom Goertel has had the pleasure of a life spent making pictures, in a variety of media: animation, video, graphics and, with his first true love, photography. With his still camera, he has shot deep in the desert, on the Amazon, in the back streets of Shanghai and in Yellville, Arkansas.

His work has been published in a variety of books and publications, including National Geographic, the Sun Magazine and the Wall Street Journal. Goertel’s work has shown over the last twelve years in Philadelphia, Washington DC, Portland OR and Minneapolis MN.