Our programs are made possible in part by:

Camden County Cultural and Heritage Commission

Community Foundation of NJ

Community Foundation of South Jersey

Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation

Hummingbird Foundation

Joseph Robert Foundation

MidAtlantic Arts Foundation

NJ Civic Information Consortium

NJ Cultural Trust

NJ State Council on the Arts

NJ Arts & Culture Renewal Fund

Subaru of America Foundation

Camden FireWorks is a New Jersey nonprofit corporation and a federally recognized 501(c)(3) public charity.
All donations are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law.
What We Have
You can’t tell the story of our organization without talking about where we are. Our location is literally our first name. Camden, NJ, is a city rich in history and our neighborhood is a place advantaged by community for community. The precious assets housed within the walls of Camden FireWorks begin with the art itself and the people who support the creation of that art. They are products of lived experiences, deep reflection, risks taken and courage found.
How We Keep It
The best thing we can do to care for our resources is to prioritize the brokering and strengthening of community relationships. We do this foremost through art exhibitions, workshops, and cultural events which bring people together in the same physical space for the purpose of gathering creatively. When it comes to sustaining our resources with funding, Camden FireWorks is informed by our desire to advocate for inclusive and equitable access to social, cultural, and economic resources for all people.
How You Can Help
Our mission to use art to create social change is actionable: Your financial gifts not only support local artists but also enable art activities that raise awareness on a range of issues that impact our community such as illegal dumping, air pollution, and the need for sustainable mental health solutions. Renowned photographer, Gordon Parks, once said “the camera is not just meant to show misery.” While we employ art to illuminate our human condition we also use it to highlight our shared humanity, exploring the unique cultural assets that make us…Camden.

Support the Arts in Camden

Camdenlot mural by We Live Here Artist Collective

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