Injustice is happening in a world in environmental decline due to climate change. We Are Here is
an exploratory discourse about what it means to be situated in a place where environmental
justice is not the standard.

We Are Here is our declaration that illegal dumping and structurally deficient environmental
policy devalue the well-being of all living things. Through this group exhibition, we recognize and
honor the resilience of communities to live, work, and preserve their worth despite these
environmental challenges.

Artists whose work will be showcased include:

  • Robin Brownfield
  • Danielle Cartier
  • Dy’lea Muhammad
  • Loan Nguyen
  • Terina Nicole
  • Priscilla Rios

In addition, the exhibition will include community-created work produced in workshops led by
Dolores Poacelli and Brujo de la Mancha.