Camden Engine 3

Engine Company 3 was organized and entered service on June 1, 1890. After 96 years of dedicated service to the Camden community, the firehouse was vacated in 1986 due to structural defects. The firehouse was later converted as a multi-dwelling residence but, by the early 2000’s, was left vacant and fell into serious disrepair.

Camden FireWorks

A few enterprising neighbors, with the support of Sacred Heart Church and the Heart of
Camden, set their sights on a new life for the grand old brick firehouse, still graceful in spite of
her decline. When the Heart of Camden acquired the property at 1813 South Broadway, there
was a hole in the roof, resulting in extensive damage to the interior of the building, and dirt and
debris covering every inch.

A long series of work parties by neighbors and volunteers, beginning in May 2010, gradually
cleared the way for a total renovation. The rehabilitation of the building was generously
supported by PSE&G and the State of New Jersey through a Neighborhood Revitalization Tax
Credit Fund. In 2012, Camden FireWorks was incorporated as a New Jersey Nonprofit
Corporation and became a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization in 2016. The gallery opened for
operations on June 17, 2016.

Fireworks then

FireWorks Now