Thread Revival

According to a Boston University study(1) on the impacts of fast fashion, every year people in the United States throw out more than 34 billion pounds of used textiles. Thread Revival: Wearable Art features the innovative works of six artists who have created wearable art pieces that embody sustainable practices and a firm stand against fast fashion. 


As Camden FireWorks’ second exhibition this year addressing the topic of environmental justice, Thread Revival aims to promote both creativity and sustainability. The exhibition highlights upcycled pieces, accessories, jewelry, and more, crafted by a diverse group of mid-career and emerging artists and designers. Each piece reflects a commitment to recycled fabrics, nontraditional materials, and locally sourced, sustainably made resources.

Camden FireWorks invites exhibition visitors to reimagine their relationship with clothing and the environment as one the centers ethical consumption. 


Join us at the opening reception on Saturday, June 15th from 3 pm to 5 pm at 1813 S Broadway in Camden. A runway show is planned for July 20 at 1 pm.



(1)Lundberg, Dielle, and Julia Devoy. 2022. “The Aftermath of Fast Fashion: How Discarded Clothes Impact Public Health and the Environment.”

Gallery hours: Thursday & Friday, noon to 5 pm

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