Autumn is a time of shift and reflection. It brings vibrant colors in nature and festive holiday celebrations but can also be a challenge for those sensitive to the reduced level of sunlight. Join artist Exhibit A on Halloween for a pumpkin art event at the firehouse. Participants will select their own gourd from our “pumpkin patch”.

Using the Exhibit Love Color Psychology Wheel, created by Exhibit A, you will then choose colors reflective of your own emotions and begin painting!

Artist Bio

Exhibit A is a digital artist, photographer, videographer and executive producer, creating two innovative documentaries this year. Showcasing her art as early as elementary school, Exhibit A creates in all forms and specializes in acrylic paints on canvas. Her art has a distinctive use of vibrant colors, femininity, and some expressions such as poetry to accentuate the art’s message. From her photography being shown in the Cherry Hill Mall, to being centerfold in this month’s issue of NorthWest Local newspaper in Philadelphia, Exhibit A looks forward to growing and expanding artistically.

Exhibit A Art Design was birthed in 2017 to explore and develop discussion around art and expression of self. Exhibit A Art Design seeks to promote positive exploration of emotional health through collaborations, showcasing and discussing her artwork, advocating for mental and emotional resources, and teaching others how to create and express themselves through live art and classes.