Camden FireWorks is proud to partner with songwriter Jovon Saint Cloud in this introductory songwriting workshop. At the conclusion of this workshop, students will be able to:

  • create an organic song using writing and creative lyrical construct and prompts
  • learn mood and contrast within structure to apply to their productions
  • hone public speaking, collaborative, and problem solving skills
  • explore tools for creating commercially viable music

This workshop is ideal for students age 14 and older.

To sign up, register here:

About the instructor

Jovon Saint Cloud is a 31 year old father, rapper, singer-songwriter, producer, & music educator with more than 15 years of music industry experience. He has written more than 100 songs for artists all across multiple music genres. Saint Cloud nurtures the minds of youth in music education, regardless of their level of musical experience. He is proud to use his years of experience to inspire the next generation of songwriters in creating valuable and viable musical content.